New Release - The Unexpected Way of Falling in Love by Jessica Sorensen

by - April 17, 2017

The Unexpected Way of Falling in Love (Unexpected Series Book 1)

I've had a crush on my best friend's brother for years. Which wouldn't be a problem, if he wasn't such a cocky jerk. 

It's okay, though. My crush is based on shallowness, a simple attraction, so my heart isn't at risk of getting broken. 

Well, that is until my best friend decides she needs to teach her brother a lesson and take his cockiness down a notch. Her plan: I'll get Carter to fall in love with me and then break his heart. At first I'm not fully on board with her plan, not only because it seems cruel, but I also highly doubt Carter will fall in love with me. 

But then Carter does something that pushes me over the edge and I decide to go through with it. 

Not only does the plan work, but Carter ends up being different than the cocky jerk I thought he was. At least I think so. 

I might be falling for him. 

He might be falling for me. 

But not everything is what it seems. 

We both might end up getting our hearts broken.


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