Review - Wilful Desire by Victoria Barbour

by - April 23, 2017

Wilful Desire (Heart's Ease, #5)

Release Date: April 21, 2017
Pages: 228
Series: Heart's Ease #5



Will Walsh is a terrific sailor. And a terrible ex. Just ask Mae Mercer, the woman he left behind when a too-good-to-refuse promotion to the elite ranks of the Navy came on the eve of their wedding.

Will might be a force of nature when he’s hunting down pirates and drug dealers, but that’s nothing compared to the way he capsizes Mae’s world when he returns home to Heart’s Ease. On a mission to reclaim her heart, he knows that failure isn’t an option. But this time, he might have to concede defeat: the only thing stronger than his desire to claim her is Mae’s desire to preserve her freedom.

Can Mae resist the temptation to jump into this very able-bodied seaman’s open arms? Or will his wilful desire win out?

My Review:

I love the Heart Ease series!! Makes me love home even more!! I was so thrilled that the series was continuing! I fell in love with Will and Mae, their story was perfect! I also loved seeing most of the members of Heart's Ease and I hope maybe that Lola gets a book!! That would be amazing!

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