Cover Reveal - 32: Refuse to Lose by Mignon Mykel

by - August 10, 2017

Release Date: September 13, 2017

Trevor Winski is known for his easy attitude off-ice. Everyone’s best friend, he’s pseudo-uncle to his teammates’ kids and welcome to every family party. But for whatever reason, he can’t keep a girlfriend to save his life. The women he’s dated in the past want the rough-on-ice hockey player, both in and out of bed, but he was raised better than that. He’s ready to give up on the idea of a family of his own—until the pretty blonde crosses paths with him. 
Callie MacTavish is the black sheep of her family. After growing up around money, living in luxurious homes and spending much of her youth going on extravagant vacations, she’s chosen to live among the ‘regular’ population, donating money she doesn’t need and volunteering for missions that need an extra set of hands. A pediatric nurse, she thrives on helping others—but she still has the travel bug. Meeting a man nearly ten years her senior isn’t in her plans.
But he makes her laugh.
He makes her feel like she belongs somewhere.
Trevor makes her want forever and ever, with firm roots in the ground. Too bad she’s already put plans in motion to move again. 
For the first time, Trevor is prepared to take his fight off the ice.
After all, he refuses to lose.
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 “Oh, my God!” Callie’s laugh filtered through my lust-filled haze.
…As did the pain radiating up my leg from stubbing my goddamned toe on the bed frame.
I let out a hissing ‘fff’ rather than yell out that very word, all while my damn leg threatened to give out from under me. I hit that bastard really fucking hard.
So much for the loss of clothes and the gotta-have-you-now that came the moment she opened her apartment door to me, not even five minutes ago.
“Trevor!” My name on her lips came out high-pitched as she pounded on my bare-shoulder. My hands tightened under her ass and her arms banded around my neck. “Don’t drop me.”
My face was pressed to her upper chest and part of me really wanted to focus on her those soft, round pillows that were right there, but I was having a really hard time taking my focus off the pain in my foot.
Even my dick was having a hard time keeping itself, well…hard.
It took a lot of mental focus, but I managed to lower Callie to the bed gracefully, only to flatten her to her back as I lay on top of her, my face buried deep in the pillow her head rested on.
“Godfuckingdamn,” I mumbled into the feather and cotton.
Callie’s hands rested on my lower back and she slowly dragged her nails up my back. “Poor baby.”
“Your damn bed…”
She laughed again, and when her fingers reached my hair, she tugged until I lifted my head from the pillow.
“Has had that metal foot the entire time I had it. It didn’t just jump out and attack your foot.” Her smile took over her entire face and shit, if the thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever been with, didn’t nearly take the pain away.
We’d been together for a little over a year, and I was ready to take us to the next step. I didn’t have a fancy proposal planned, but I did have a pretty fancy ring for her. One that would tell the world she was very much taken, but not so fancy that it would get in the way of her work.
Callie’s hand in my hair tugged my face to her and soon her lips were pressed against mine. God, I couldn’t wait to do this damn near every day of my life. As her hands relaxed against my head, I rolled us over so she sprawl on top of me, her legs out along mine as her feet hooked over my shins.
When I grabbed her ass, kneading the round softness in my hands, Callie sighed into my mouth. I was quickly growing hard again and she pulled up on her knees, not breaking the kiss, as she reached for my cock.
I slipped my hands around her, from her ass up to the other pillowy softeness on this beautiful woman I had the pleasure of calling mine. I cradled her breasts in my hands, sweeping my thumbs over the tips as she slowly sank down on me. Our moans were harmonious, but while I kept my eyes open and trained on her face, her eyes closed and she bit the corner of her lip.
The moment she was fully seated, I alternately squeezed her nipples, one then the other, again and again quickly until her eyes popped open, showing me the bright blue orbs.
They were usually some shade of teal, but when she was turned on, the green overtook and it never failed to shock me.
Letting go of her nipples, I brought one hand to her lower back, the other to her neck, bringing her near as I crunched up enough that I could bring her chest to me, sucking a breast into my mouth.
I suckled on the end of her C-cup beauty, my tongue playing over the rock hard peak, and her hands were back in my hair, right where I wanted them to be.
Digging my heels into the bed, I lifted my knees enough that I could start rocking up into her, all while Callie ground herself over me.
“Trevor.” My name on her lips was a breathy whisper. She pressed her chest into my face and tightened one of her hands in my hair. The pain-pleasure thing going on was just right.
So right.
I pulled my mouth from her breast and lifted my chin as she dropped hers. With this kiss, everything began to move faster.
Mouth to mouth.
Tongue over tongue.
I grabbed her hips and held her still, and quickly began to thrust up into her, my balls tightening with each swing.
Our mouths met one another, movement for movement, and when she stalled, her breath hiccupped against my mouth.
I flipped us again and her legs automatically wrapped around my hips, her feet crossing at my back. I tore my mouth from hers to press open mouth kisses to her neck.
“Shit, Cal.” I licked her pulse point before biting gently.
“Trev.” Her breath hitched. “T-Trevor.” Her arms tightened around my neck and soon she was arching into me. We were pressed together, every inch of her to every inch of me.
“Ohmigod.” Her legs tightened and soon I felt her thighs quivering against me. I slowed my thrusts. I needed to last a little longer. I wanted this to go on for a little longer more.
But her clenching walls were my undoing. One firm squeeze of hers—Callie’s way of keeping her orgasm going; this wasn’t our first rodeo—and I was a fucking goner.
“Shit.” I grunted against her neck and no matter how hard I tried to hold my orgasm back, soon I was jetting hot streams into her waiting heat.
My hips jerked against hers and I felt as Callie turned her face into my neck. Her smile pressed there, right before four light pecking kisses.
As my body calmed, I brought my lips to hers. Our kisses now were light. Sweet. Comfortable.
This is what I wanted.
I wanted to come home from games, to her. I wanted to love on her throughout the night, only to wake up and do it again.
I wanted to marry her. Give her babies. Watch as her belly filled round with kiddos that were every bit her, with maybe a slight rebellious streak from me. Raise them in a house we picked out together. Watch them stumble through life and make friends, find love, and then watch as they went through the same events she and I did.
My buddies all had a hell of a time to get to that point.
Caleb damn near lost Sydney to his stupidity—shithead shouldn’t have done the damn dating show to begin with. Jordan Byrd… I still wasn’t completely sure why Marlo took his ass back, but they were good again and he was good with their daughter Rori so whatever.
Mikey Leeds…
He had a happily ever after. Married his high school sweetheart. Had a kid.
Leeds’s hell of a time came after that, in an event that took his wife from him in the form of a car accident.
Looking at the defenseman, he looked like he was moving along fine but I also knew how hard he’d loved Trina.
I didn’t want to go through the struggles my teammates and friends went through. And I sure as hell didn’t want something to tear Callie away from me before I could show her I loved her, and that I was going to love her forever.
Something more than the words she first had the balls to say, seven months ago.
“Shower?” Callie mumbled into my mouth and I nodded.
She slipped away from me, my softening cock still hard enough to appreciate the pull. Callie was a few feet away before I got with the program and rolled off her bed, following her to the connected bathroom where she was already turning the water on.
I stepped up to her, trailing my hand slowly down her back and, after she stepped into the tub/shower combo, I followed. Standing under the water, Callie reached for my hand, pulling me to her. Soon, we were kissing again.
Slowly, again.
Sweetly, again.
Her hands ran up and down my sides, languidly. I felt as her pinkies brushed over the abdominal cuts on my sides and soon, my cock was twitching again, but I’d hold off.
I ran my hands through her blonde locks, running the water through the ends. The hot water splashed around us, the water pounding against the tile and ceramic drowning out any other noises.
Callie eventually pulled back, her eyes trained up on mine.
There was something different about her face.
She looked…
“What’s up, Cal?” I asked, although I was suddenly afraid of the answer.
The memory of her pouncing on me the moment I walked into her door, came rushing back at me. We had excited sex more than once, so it didn’t really hit me as odd, but now…
Callie’s eyes flittered between mine and her lips were parted. Her chest was rising and falling noticeably and I knew that if the water weren’t on, I’d be able to hear her heavy breaths.
“I’m taking the job.”
If there were four words that could crush me, it would be those ones.
“You’re taking the job.”
She pressed her lips together and swallowed hard before nodding.
Callie was a pediatric nurse. Damn good at her job. Before we met, she also volunteered for a number of mission trips, tending to children of Haiti after the earthquakes, or Africa, after war tore through.
She had a fucking heart of gold, something that struck me hard when I first met her.
And while she was putting the missions on hold, she told me on more than one occasion that she missed the movement. The working with different colleagues. And that she considered doing travel nursing.
Outside of me, she didn’t have much tying her to any one place.
Her sister was here, having married one of my teammates, but where Callie was giving, Jenna was a taker. They didn’t get along well, and while Jenna didn’t fall far from the tree, Callie at least had some semblance of a relationship with her parents, even if they were just as materialistic as Jenna.
“B-but…” I paused, trying to control the emotion. I was a fucking fighter on the ice. I didn’t stutter. “You’re taking assignments in California, right?”
Callie’s chest stopped moving, her eyes locked on mine.
She was holding her breath.
She wasn’t taking assignments in California.
“Really, Cal?” The words left in almost a plea. A breathless plea.
I could feel my world shattering around me.
My heart breaking.
“Four-week ones, right?” She told me about the different contract lengths. During the season, I could deal with a few weeks of her gone. Four weeks gone, come home for a week or two, do another assignment.
But Callie wasn’t saying anything. Instead, her eyes filled with tears.
“God, Cal, give me something here.”
“I’m sorry.”
© Mignon Mykel, 2017
unedited; subject to change

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