Review - Your Fierce Love by Layla Hagen

by - August 01, 2017

Release Date: August 1, 2017
Series: The Bennett Family #7
Pages: 361



The strong and sexy Blake Bennett is downright irresistible.  And Clara Abernathy is doing everything she can to resist his charm.  

After spending her life in group homes, Clara yearns for the love and warmth of a true family.  With the Bennetts treating her like their own, she can't possibly fall for Blake. That would be crossing a line...

But when Clara needs a temporary place to live, and she accepts Blake’s offer to move next door to him, things escalate. Suddenly, she’s not only supposed to resist the man who’s hell-bent on having her, but the TV station she works for is determined to dig up some dirt on the Bennett family.

Blake knows family friends are off-limits, and Clara is more off-limits than anyone. But Clara’s sweetness and sass fill a hole in him he wasn’t even aware of. Soon, he finds himself gravitating toward her, willing to do anything to make her happy. 

Blake enjoys bending the rules—much more than following them, but will bending this one be taking it too far? 

My Review:

Your Fierce Love is the first book in The Bennett Family series I've read. It will not be the last, I'm going to have to start at the beginning and watch the rest of Blake's siblings fall in love. Clara is a cautious but realistic person who does not want to jeopardize her relationships with the Bennett family while pursuing one with Blake, since Clara grew up in foster care and the only family she's really had have been the Bennett family. The opportunity arises when she's set to move but her condo isn't ready on time, so Blake offers up the apartment above his bar, rent free. Both Blake and Clara think that their feelings for one another are one sided but once Clara is moved in he starts pursuing her. Their story is amazing and the attraction between them unbelievable. I love book series about big family's and watching each sibling fall in love. Fantastic book, I highly recommend. 

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  1. SO HAPPY you loved Blake & Clara <3 Thank you for your support!