Review - On Hart's Boardwalk by Samantha Young

by - February 19, 2018

Series: On Dublin Street #6.7 & Hart's Boardwalk #2.5
Pages: 128
Release Date: March 22, 2018


One of New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young’s most beloved couples returns for the first time in a brand new novella set ten years after her blockbuster bestseller Before Jamaica Lane…

Nate and Liv have a great life together but they miss the spontaneity and freedom they enjoyed early on in their romance. Careers and their children have inevitably kept them busy, so when Nate discovers Liv is feeling disconnected from him, he plans an anniversary trip to the idyllic seaside town of Hartwell, Delaware. There he hopes they will have the opportunity they’ve been craving—a chance to reinvent themselves and fall in love all over again.

With each new day comes a new adventure, from wedding crashing at the five-star boardwalk hotel to pretending they are two strangers having a chance encounter at the boardwalk bar. In the midst of this daring, sexually charged game of romantic rediscovery, Nate and Liv discover the only constant they need is each other.

My Review:

“You were made for me, Liv,” Nate murmured

Oh how I’ve missed the gang from On Dublin Street and from Hart’s Boardwalk. On Hart’s Boardwalk just kept making me reminisce about two of my favourite series with my favourite couple Nate and Liv. I wouldn’t of loved this novella more. It had all of my favourite things from both series in it with everyone included! I’m sad to say I didn’t get enough of Lily and January though! I pray that someday all the kids will get their own happily ever after. This novella showed that you still have to work on your happily ever after even after you’ve been married with 2 kids. It will never be all roses and buttercups, you have to communicate. That is the biggest thing in any relationship, especially if you want it to last. Samantha showed us Nate and Liv’s true testament on how much they needed to communicate and keep their marriage alive. It’s so good to keep it bottled up inside because it will not fix anything. I’ve learned so much from all of the couples from both series but I feel a connection for myself with Liv. I love the badass she turned into with her sexy Scot husband. Maybe there will be more crossovers between these two series to come!  

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